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Stand Up Tanning Booths, Leg Tanners, Facial Tanners & Walls UV Free Spray Tanning & Spa Equipment

Level 1
Level one is the cheapest, simplest bed offered in tanning salons. These are great home beds as they do not consume a lot of electricity. These beds use standard 100-watt lamps and generally have up to 30 lamps. This bed has 1 or 3-500 watt facial lamps. This is the most economical bed to tan in. The maximum time you can tan in a level one bed is 20 minutes.

Sonnenbraun Klassic tanning beds for sale new jersey new york nj ny pa

Sonnenbraun Klassic (white)

30-100 watt lamps
1 to 3 -500 watt facial
20 minute session
Single phase-30 amp breaker


Green UWE Tropical Tanning bed NJ NY PA used reconditioned

Green UWE Tropical beds

15 minute exposure time

32-100 watters with 3-500 watt facials

Yellow EWE Tropical Tanning Bed for Sale NJ NY PA

Yellow UWE Tropical bed

15 minute exposure time.

31 VLR lamps with 10 Spaghetti facial lamps.


PA: (570)762-9944      NY: (845) 536-7653


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